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The library provides interface for parsing and running .side files which are produced in comparable way as Selenium IDE does.


use siderunner::{parse, Runner};
use thirtyfour::{DesiredCapabilities, WebDriver};

async fn main() {
    let wiki = std::fs::File::open("examples/wiki.side").expect("Can't open a side file");
    let file = parse(wiki).expect("Failed parsing a file");

    let client = WebDriver::new("http://localhost:4444", DesiredCapabilities::chrome())
        .expect("can't connect to webdriver");
    let mut runner = Runner::new(&client);"Fail in running first test");

        Some(&serde_json::json!("The Free Encyclopedia")),

    runner.close().await.expect("Error occured while closing webdriver");


File represent a Side file information

RunnerError represents a Error which may occure while running running Command.

The structure represent a selenium test


ParseError represents errors which may occure while parsing a Side file.


Parse .side format into rust representation

Type Definitions

Runner responsible for running a Test and collecting data.