Crate shuttle_service

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  • Types representing various errors that can occur in the process of building and deploying a service.


  • Holds the details for a database connection
  • Holds the input for a DB resource
  • Store that holds all the secrets available to a deployment
  • Project names should conform to valid Host segments (or labels) as per IETF RFC 1123. Initially we’ll implement a strict subset of the IETF RFC 1123, concretely:




  • Factories can be used to request the provisioning of additional resources (like databases).
  • Used to get resources of type T from factories.
  • The core trait of the shuttle platform. Every crate deployed to shuttle needs to implement this trait.

Attribute Macros

  • Helper macro that generates the entrypoint required by any service - likely the only macro you need in this crate.