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A library for implementing Shogi application.

shogi provides a various types and implementations for representing concepts and rules in Shogi. Most types can be created programatically while they can also be deserialized from / serialized to SFEN format. See USIプロトコルとは (What is the USI protocol?) for more detail about UCI protocol specification and SFEN format.


use shogi::{Move, Position};
use shogi::bitboard::Factory as BBFactory;
use shogi::square::consts::*;

let mut pos = Position::new();

// Position can be set from the SFEN formatted string.
pos.set_sfen("lnsgkgsnl/1r5b1/ppppppppp/9/9/9/PPPPPPPPP/1B5R1/LNSGKGSNL b - 1").unwrap();

// You can programatically create a Move instance.
let m = Move::Normal{from: SQ_7G, to: SQ_7F, promote: false};

// Move can be created from the SFEN formatted string as well.
let m = Move::from_sfen("7c7d").unwrap();

// Position can be converted back to the SFEN formatted string.
assert_eq!("lnsgkgsnl/1r5b1/ppppppppp/9/9/9/PPPPPPPPP/1B5R1/LNSGKGSNL b - 1 moves 7g7f 7c7d", pos.to_sfen());


pub use self::bitboard::Bitboard;
pub use self::color::Color;
pub use self::error::MoveError;
pub use self::error::SfenError;
pub use self::hand::Hand;
pub use self::moves::Move;
pub use self::piece::Piece;
pub use self::piece_type::PieceType;
pub use self::position::MoveRecord;
pub use self::position::Position;
pub use self::square::Square;
pub use self::time::TimeControl;