Type Definition shared_bus::BusManagerAtomicCheck[][src]

type BusManagerAtomicCheck<T> = BusManager<AtomicCheckMutex<T>>;

A bus manager for safely sharing the bus when using concurrency frameworks (such as RTIC).

This manager relies on RTIC or some other concurrency framework to manage resource contention automatically. As a redundancy, this manager uses an atomic boolean to check whether or not a resource is currently in use. This is purely used as a fail-safe against misuse.


If devices on the same shared bus are not treated as a singular resource, it is possible that pre-emption may occur. In this case, the manger will panic to prevent the race condition.


In order to use this manager with a concurrency framework such as RTIC, all devices on the shared bus must be stored in the same logic resource. The concurrency framework will require a resource lock if pre-emption is possible.

In order to use this with RTIC (as an example), all devices on the shared bus must be stored in a singular resource. Additionally, a manager with 'static lifetime is needed which can be created using the shared_bus::new_atomic_check!() macro. It should roughly look like this (there is also a full example available):

struct Device<T> { bus: T };
struct OtherDevice<T> { bus: T };

// the HAL I2C driver type
type I2cType = ();
type Proxy = shared_bus::I2cProxy<'static, shared_bus::AtomicCheckMutex<I2cType>>;

struct SharedBusDevices {
    device: Device<Proxy>,
    other_device: OtherDevice<Proxy>,

struct Resources {
    shared_bus_devices: SharedBusDevices,

// in the RTIC init function
fn init() -> Resources {
    // init the bus like usual
    let i2c: I2cType = ();

    let bus_manager: &'static _ = shared_bus::new_atomic_check!(I2cType = i2c).unwrap();

    let devices = SharedBusDevices {
        device: Device { bus: bus_manager.acquire_i2c() },
        other_device: OtherDevice { bus: bus_manager.acquire_i2c() },

    Resources {
        shared_bus_devices: devices,

This type is only available with the cortex-m feature (but this may change in the future!).