Function shamirsecretsharing::create_shares[][src]

pub fn create_shares(
    data: &[u8],
    n: u8,
    k: u8
) -> Result<Vec<Vec<u8>>, SSSError>

Create a set of shares

  • data must be a &[u8] slice of length DATA_SIZE (64)
  • n is the number of shares that is to be generated
  • k is the treshold value of how many shares are needed to restore the secret

The value that is returned is a newly allocated vector of vectors. Each of these vectors will contain SHARE_SIZE u8 items.


use shamirsecretsharing::*;

// Create a some shares over the secret data `[42, 42, 42, ...]`
let data = vec![42; DATA_SIZE];
let count = 5;
let treshold = 4;
let shares = create_shares(&data, count, treshold);
match shares {
    Ok(shares) => println!("Created some shares: {:?}", shares),
    Err(err) => panic!("Oops! Something went wrong: {}", err),