[][src]Crate shamir_secret_sharing

A rust implementation of Shamir Secret Sharing over Finite Field.

The lib support large field charactirics prime by taking advantage of num_bigint. It's not optimized for production purpose, which can be improved in several aspects:

  1. replace the extended_euclid_algo with machine-friendly stein_algo to calculate the modulo inverse;
  2. add commitment scheme to make it verifiable


use shamir_secret_sharing::ShamirSecretSharing as SSS;
use num_bigint::{BigInt, BigUint};
use num_bigint::Sign::*;
let sss = SSS {
    threshold: 3,
    share_amount: 5,
    prime: BigInt::parse_bytes(b"fffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffefffffc2f",16).unwrap()

let secret = BigInt::parse_bytes(b"ffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff", 16).unwrap();

let shares = sss.split(secret.clone());

println!("shares: {:?}", shares);
assert_eq!(secret, sss.recover(&shares[0..sss.threshold as usize]));


pub use num_bigint;