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Probe Syzygy endgame tablebases.

Syzygy tables allow optimal play under the 50-move rule. Tables are available for positions with up to 7 pieces.


use shakmaty::{CastlingMode, Chess, fen::Fen};
use shakmaty_syzygy::{Tablebase, MaybeRounded, Wdl, Dtz, Syzygy};

let mut tables = Tablebase::new();

let pos: Chess = "8/8/8/8/B7/N7/K2k4/8 b - - 0 1"

let wdl = tables.probe_wdl_after_zeroing(&pos)?;
assert_eq!(wdl, Wdl::Loss);

let dtz = tables.probe_dtz(&pos)?;
assert!(matches!(dtz, MaybeRounded::Rounded(Dtz(-59))));


See SyzygyError for possible error conditions.

Cargo features

  • variant: Enables support for Antichess and Atomic chess.


DTZ50′′. Based on the distance to zeroing of the half-move clock.
A material key.
File extension and magic header bytes of Syzygy tables.
A collection of tables.


A value that may be affected by DTZ rounding.
Metric stored in a table: WDL or DTZ.
Error when probing a table.
Error when probing tablebase.
WDL50. 5-valued evaluation of a position in the context of the 50-move drawing rule.


A chess variant with Syzygy support.