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Shadowsocks Service


shadowsocks is a fast tunnel proxy that helps you bypass firewalls.


Build shadowsocks and you will get at least 2 binaries: sslocal and ssserver

Write your servers in a configuration file. Format is defined in shadowsocks’ documentation

For example:

   "server": "my_server_ip",
   "server_port": 8388,
   "local_address": "",
   "local_port": 1080,
   "password": "mypassword",
   "timeout": 300,
   "method": "aes-256-cfb"

Save it in file shadowsocks.json and run local proxy server with

cargo run --bin sslocal -- -c shadowsocks.json

Now you can use SOCKS5 protocol to proxy your requests, for example:

curl --socks5-hostname https://www.google.com

On the server side, you can run the server with

cargo run --bin ssserver -- -c shadowsocks.json

Server should use the same configuration file as local, except the listen addresses for servers must be socket addresses.

Of course, you can also use cargo install to install binaries.


pub use self::local::create as create_local;
pub use self::local::run as run_local;
pub use self::manager::run as run_manager;
pub use self::server::run as run_server;
pub use shadowsocks;


Access Control List (ACL) for shadowsocks

This is a mod for storing and parsing configuration

Shadowsocks Local Server

Shadowsocks manager service

Shadowsocks Service Network Utilities

Shadowsocks server