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Rust binding for the Shaderc library.

This crate contains the higher-level Rust-friendly interface for the Shaderc library. For the lower-level C interface, please see the shaderc-sys crate.

The Shaderc library provides an API for compiling GLSL/HLSL source code to SPIRV modules. It has been shipping in the Android NDK since version r12b.

The order of preference in which the build script will attempt to obtain Shaderc can be controlled by several options, which are passed through to shaderc-sys when building shaderc-rs:

  1. The option --features build-from-source will prevent automatic library detection and force building from source.
  2. If the SHADERC_LIB_DIR environment variable is set to /path/to/shaderc/libs/, it will take precedence and libshaderc_combined.a (and the glslang and SPIRV libraries on Linux) will be searched in the /path/to/shaderc/libs/ directory.
  3. On Linux, /usr/lib/ will be automatically searched for system libraries if none of the above were given.
  4. If no other option was set or succeeded, shaderc-sys will fall back to checking out and compiling a copy of Shaderc. This procedure is quite slow.


Compile a shader into SPIR-V binary module and assembly text:

use shaderc;

let source = "#version 310 es\n void EP() {}";

let compiler = shaderc::Compiler::new().unwrap();
let mut options = shaderc::CompileOptions::new().unwrap();
options.add_macro_definition("EP", Some("main"));
let binary_result = compiler.compile_into_spirv(
    source, shaderc::ShaderKind::Vertex,
    "shader.glsl", "main", Some(&options)).unwrap();

assert_eq!(Some(&0x07230203), binary_result.as_binary().first());

let text_result = compiler.compile_into_spirv_assembly(
    source, shaderc::ShaderKind::Vertex,
    "shader.glsl", "main", Some(&options)).unwrap();

assert!(text_result.as_text().starts_with("; SPIR-V\n"));


An opaque object containing the results of compilation.
An opaque object managing options to compilation.
An opaque object managing all compiler states.
A representation of a successfully resolved include directive, containing the name of the include and its contents.


Target environment version.
GLSL profile.
Identifies the type of include directive. Relative is for include directives of the form #include "...", and Standard is for include directives of the form #include <...>.
Resource limit.
Optimization level.
Resource kinds.
Shader kind.
Source language.
The known versions of SPIR-V.
Target environment.


Returns the version and revision of the SPIR-V generated by this library.
Parses the version and profile from the given string.

Type Definitions

Include callback status.
Compilation status.