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This crate contains types for building an Intel SGX implementation.

Fully understanding the contents of this crate will likely require access to the Intel Software Developer Manual.

How to use this crate partly depends on what you are trying to accomplish:

  1. If you are an enclave developer, you probably want the parameters and ssa modules.
  2. If you are signing an enclave, you probably want the signature and crypto modules.
  3. If you are developing an enclave loader, you probably want the parameters and page modules. However, you may also want the signature module to load a signature.


Cryptography backends

SGX ENCLU Leaf Instructions

Page-related structures

Enclave creation parameters

Enclave signature types

State Save Area (SSA)


The REPORT structure is the output of the EREPORT instruction, and must be 512-Byte aligned.

The enclave report body.