[][src]Crate sgr_const

A macro to generate SGR (Set Graphic Rendition) control sequences for ECMA-48 compatible terminals.


The general syntax is:

[visibity] <name> = <attribute> [| attributes...];

You can specify multiple constants at once, as well as add attributes or doc comments to each:

sgr_const::sgr_const! {
    /// Error styling. Should be flashy.
    STYLE_ERROR = Bold | BlackFg | RedBg;
    STYLE_WARN  = Bold | YellowFg;
    STYLE_INFO  = Bold | CyanFg;
    STYLE_DEBUG = MagentaFg;
    STYLE_TRACE = GreenFg;
    STYLE_NONE  = Reset;

assert_eq!(STYLE_ERROR, "\x1b[1;30;41m");
assert_eq!(STYLE_WARN,  "\x1b[1;33m");
assert_eq!(STYLE_INFO,  "\x1b[1;36m");
assert_eq!(STYLE_DEBUG, "\x1b[35m");
assert_eq!(STYLE_TRACE, "\x1b[32m");
assert_eq!(STYLE_NONE,  "\x1b[0m");