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Seshat - a full text search library for Matrix clients.

There are two modes of operation for Seshat, adding live events as they come in:

use seshat::{Database, Event, Profile};
use tempfile::tempdir;

let tmpdir = tempdir().unwrap();
let mut database = Database::new(tmpdir.path()).unwrap();

/// Method to call for every live event that gets received during a sync.
fn add_live_event(event: Event, profile: Profile, database: &Database) {
    database.add_event(event, profile);
/// Method to call on every successful sync after live events were added.
fn on_sync(database: &mut Database) {

The other mode is to add events from the room history using the /room/{room_id}/messages Matrix API endpoint. This method supports storing checkpoints which remember the arguments to continue fetching events from the /room/{room_id}/messages API:

database.add_historic_events(events, old_checkpoint, new_checkpoint)?;

Once events have been added a search can be done:

let result = database.search("test", &SearchConfig::new()).unwrap();


Configuration for the seshat database.

A Seshat database connection that can be used for reading.

A checkpoint that remembers the current point in a room timeline when fetching the history of the room.

The Seshat database.

Statistical information about the database.

Matrix event that can be added to the database.

Configuration for the event loading methods.

A users profile information at the time an event was posted.

The receiving half of Rust’s channel (or sync_channel) type. This half can only be owned by one thread.

Database that can be used to reindex the events.

Info about the recovery process.

A batch of search results that were returned during a search.

Search configuration A search configuration allows users to limit the search to a specific room or limit the search to specific event types. The search result can be configured in various ways as well.

A search result

The main entry point to the index and database.


Seshat error types.

Matrix event types.

Type Definitions

Result type for seshat operations.