Module serde_yaml::value

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The Value enum, a loosely typed way of representing any valid YAML value.


  • A YAML mapping in which the keys and values are both serde_yaml::Value.
  • Represents a YAML number, whether integer or floating point.
  • Serializer whose output is a Value.
  • A representation of YAML’s !Tag syntax, used for enums.
  • A Tag + Value representing a tagged YAML scalar, sequence, or mapping.


  • Represents any valid YAML value.


  • A type that can be used to index into a serde_yaml::Value. See the get and get_mut methods of Value.


  • Interpret a serde_yaml::Value as an instance of type T.
  • Convert a T into serde_yaml::Value which is an enum that can represent any valid YAML data.

Type Aliases§

  • A YAML sequence in which the elements are serde_yaml::Value.