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This library provides a basic API for serializing / deserializng xmlrpc. Combine with your transport or server of choice for an easy and quick xmlrpc experience.


  • A <fault> response, indicating that a request failed.


  • Errors that can occur when trying to perform an XML-RPC request.
  • Represents any single valid xmlrpc “Value”


  • Attempts to deserialize the Value into the given type, equivalent API of serde_json::from_value.
  • Attempts to convert a Vec of values to any data type which can be deserialized. This is typically used with request_from_str to implement server behavior:
  • Expects an input string which is a valid xmlrpc request body, and parses out the method name and parameters from it. This function would typically be used by a server to parse incoming requests.
  • Takes in the name of a method call and a list of parameters and attempts to convert them to a String which would be a valid body for an xmlrpc request.
  • Parses the body of an xmlrpc http request and attempts to convert it to the desired type.
  • Attempt to serialize a xmlrpc response from a list of values. Each item in the list will be represented as a separate “param” in xmlrpc parlance.
  • Convert a T into serde_xmlrpc::Value which is an enum that can represent any valid JSON data.
  • Attempts to parse an individual value out of a str.
  • Attempts to convert any data type which can be represented as an xmlrpc value into a String.

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