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This is a serde::Deserializer implementation for proc_macro2::TokenStream. It is intended for proc_macro builders who want rich configuration in their custom attributes.

If you’d like the consumers of your macro use it like this:

#[my_macro {
    settings = {
        reticulate_splines = true,
        normalizing_power = false,
    disaster = "pandemic",

Your macro will start like this:

pub fn my_macro(
    attr: proc_macro::TokenStream,
    item: proc_macro::TokenStream,
) -> proc_macro::TokenStream {
    // ...

Use serde_tokenstream to deserialize attr into a structure with the Deserialize trait (typically via a derive macro):

let config = match from_tokenstream::<Config>(&TokenStream::from(attr)) {
    Ok(c) => c,
    Err(err) => return err.to_compile_error().into(),


A Wrapper around proc_macro2::TokenStream that is Deserializable, albeit only in the context of from_tokenstream(). You can use this if, say, your macro allows users to pass in Rust tokens as a configuration option. This can be useful, for example, in a macro that generates code where the caller of that macro might want to augment the generated code.


Deserialize an instance of type T from a TokenStream.

Type Definitions

Alias for syn::Error.

Alias for a Result with the error type serde_tokenstream::Error.