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Implements the SOME/IP serialization format as defined by autosar for the serde framework.

This data format is commonly used in automotive applications that communicate over ethernet.

This crate does not aim to provide a full someip stack instead it only deals with the serialization of Data Structures (chapter 4.1.4 of the linked spec) but fully handles that part.


pub use de::from_bytes;
pub use de::from_reader;
pub use de::from_slice;
pub use error::Error;
pub use error::Result;
pub use ser::append_to_bytes;
pub use ser::to_bytes;
pub use ser::append_to_vec;
pub use ser::to_vec;
pub use options::SomeIpOptions;
pub use types::SomeIp;


This module contains the deserializer and provides functions to deserialize someip encoded data.

This module contains functions which generate descriptions of the serialized binary SomeIp format.

This module contains the Error type used by the serializer and deserializer of this crate.

Provides the LengthFieldSize enum.

Provides the SomeIpOptions trait which is used to statically configure the options to use during de/serializtaion.

This module contains the serializer and provides functions to serialize someip encoded data.

Provides the SomeIp trait and various related types. Consider using the derive feature in which case you can ignore this module.

Derive Macros

Provides #[derive(SomeIp)] requires the derive feature.