[][src]Crate serde_shims

Meta package for all Serde shims, mostly for documentation but does re-export shims like version 0.1.

To use the crate individually:

bitflags_serde_shim = "0.2"
enum_primitive_serde_shim = "0.2"
mime_serde_shim = "0.2"
std_serde_shims = "0.2"

or as a legacy feature-based import with this meta crate:

serde_shims = { version = "0.2", features = ["std", "mime"] }


pub extern crate bitflags_serde_shim as bitflags;
pub extern crate enum_primitive_serde_shim as enum_primitive;
pub extern crate mime_serde_shim as mime;
pub extern crate std_serde_shims as std_shims;



Implements Serialize and Deserialize for a bitflags! generated structure.


Implements Serialize and Deserialize for an enum_from_primitive! generated enum.