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Community Driven Serde Shims

Many crates prefer to avoid natively providing Serde integration on the basis it could be unstable in the future, be annoying to maintain, or stifles innovation if there is ever a Serde competitor in the Rust serialization world.

However, keeping track of dozens or hundreds of lines of custom shim functions in my own projects has proven to be as much or more frustrating than if I were to add that functionality to those crates directly. The innability to share code between binaries or libraries is especially painful.

So, as a compromise, I present this crate as a way to provide serialize_with/deserialize_with functions for crates without native Serde implementations.

To enable these shims, simply add the crate to your Cargo.toml with the desired crate shims as the crate features:

serde_shims = { version = "*", features = ["std", "mime"] }