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§Serde BibTex

This crate is under active development and the public API may change substantially on every minor version change. The deserialization API is relatively stable, but serialization is not yet implemented, and some of the publicly-exposed internal state may change or removed in the future. Until this is stabilized, use at your own risk!

The .bib format is a common format for storing bibliographic data originally popularized by the BibTex bibliography management software.

  title = {Title},
  author = {One, Author},
  year = 2024,

This module provides a serde interface for deserializing .bib files into strongly typed data structures. The interface is intentionally flexible to support a variety of use-cases in a first-class manner.

Unfortunately, .bib files do not have a well-defined syntax and while there are generally agreed-upon conventions for syntax, different programs will treat your input in subtly different ways. Visit the syntax module for more information as well as an explicit pest grammar for the file format accepted by this crate.

§Basic Example

The most convenient entrypoint is to construct a Deserializer and use the API provided by into_iter_entry. For more complex deserialization use-cases, and a full description of available deserialization features, see the documentation for the de module.

use serde::Deserialize;
use serde_bibtex::de::Deserializer;
use std::collections::BTreeMap;

#[derive(Debug, PartialEq, Deserialize)]
struct Contents {
    entry_type: String,
    entry_key: String,
    fields: BTreeMap<String, String>

let input = br#"
    @string{t = {Title}}
      title = t,
      author = {One, Author},
      year = 2024,

let de = Deserializer::from_slice(input);
let mut entry_iter = de.into_iter_entry();

let expected_fields = BTreeMap::from([
    ("title".into(), "Title".into()),
    ("author".into(), "One, Author".into()),
    ("year".into(), "2024".into()),

    Some(Ok(Contents {
        entry_type: "article".into(),
        entry_key: "key".into(),
        fields: expected_fields



  • Deserializer implementation
  • Errors for serialization and deserialization.
  • Description of the bibliography syntax
  • Fundamental components of a bibliography.