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What is Hjson?

A configuration file format for humans. Relaxed syntax, fewer mistakes, more comments. See

Data types that can be encoded are JavaScript types (see the serde_hjson:Value enum for more details):

  • Boolean: equivalent to rust's bool
  • I64: equivalent to rust's i64
  • U64: equivalent to rust's u64
  • F64: equivalent to rust's f64
  • String: equivalent to rust's String
  • Array: equivalent to rust's Vec<T>, but also allowing objects of different types in the same array
  • Object: equivalent to rust's serde_hjson::Map<String, serde_hjson::Value>
  • Null

Examples of use

Parsing a str to Value and reading the result

//#![feature(custom_derive, plugin)]

extern crate serde_hjson;

use serde_hjson::Value;

fn main() {
    let data: Value = serde_hjson::from_str("{foo: 13, bar: \"baz\"}").unwrap();
    println!("data: {:?}", data);
    println!("object? {}", data.is_object());

    let obj = data.as_object().unwrap();
    let foo = obj.get("foo").unwrap();

    println!("array? {:?}", foo.as_array());
    // array? None
    println!("u64? {:?}", foo.as_u64());
    // u64? Some(13u64)

    for (key, value) in obj.iter() {
        println!("{}: {}", key, match *value {
            Value::U64(v) => format!("{} (u64)", v),
            Value::String(ref v) => format!("{} (string)", v),
            _ => format!("other")
    // bar: baz (string)
    // foo: 13 (u64)


pub use self::de::Deserializer;
pub use self::de::StreamDeserializer;
pub use self::de::from_iter;
pub use self::de::from_reader;
pub use self::de::from_slice;
pub use self::de::from_str;
pub use self::error::Error;
pub use self::error::ErrorCode;
pub use self::error::Result;
pub use self::ser::Serializer;
pub use self::ser::to_writer;
pub use self::ser::to_vec;
pub use self::ser::to_string;
pub use self::value::Value;
pub use self::value::Map;
pub use self::value::to_value;
pub use self::value::from_value;



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