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This crate provides common types for working with the Sentry protocol or the Sentry server. It's used by the Sentry Relay infrastructure as well as the rust Sentry client.

Since this library is used in the Sentry relay as well it depends on serde_json with the preserve_order feature. As such all maps used by the protocol are linked hash maps.

Most of the types in this crate are serializable in one form or another. The types in the protocol module are generally really only serializable to JSON as other formats are not supported by Sentry at this date.


The crate provides a bunch of common types for working with Sentry as such (DSN, ProjectIDs, authentication headers) as well as types for the Sentry event protocol.

Right now only v7 of the protocol is implemented but it's versioned so later versions might be added later.

API Concepts

Most types are directly serializable or deserializable and try to implement the Default type. This means that objects can be created conviently and missing attributes can be filled in:

use sentry_types::protocol::v7;

let event = v7::Event {
    message: Some("Hello World!".to_string()),
    culprit: Some("foo in bar".to_string()),
    level: v7::Level::Info,



This module exposes the types for the Sentry protocol in different versions.



Represents an auth header.


Represents a Sentry dsn.


Represents a project ID.



Represents an auth header parsing error.


Represents a dsn url parsing error.


Raised if a project ID cannot be parsed from a string.


Represents the scheme of an url http/https.