[][src]Trait sentry_core::IntoDsn

pub trait IntoDsn {
    pub fn into_dsn(self) -> Result<Option<Dsn>, ParseDsnError>;

Helper trait to convert a string into an Option<Dsn>.

This converts a value into a DSN by parsing. The empty string or null values result in no DSN being parsed.

Required methods

pub fn into_dsn(self) -> Result<Option<Dsn>, ParseDsnError>[src]

Converts the value into a Result<Option<Dsn>, E>.

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Implementations on Foreign Types

impl<I: IntoDsn> IntoDsn for Option<I>[src]

impl IntoDsn for ()[src]

impl<'a> IntoDsn for &'a str[src]

impl<'a> IntoDsn for Cow<'a, str>[src]

impl<'a> IntoDsn for &'a OsStr[src]

impl IntoDsn for OsString[src]

impl IntoDsn for String[src]

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impl IntoDsn for Dsn[src]

impl<'a> IntoDsn for &'a Dsn[src]

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