[][src]Function sentry_core::capture_event

pub fn capture_event(event: Event<'static>) -> Uuid

Captures an event on the currently active client if any.

The event must already be assembled. Typically code would instead use the utility methods like capture_message, capture_error, or an integration specific function.

The return value is the event ID. If the event was discarded for any reason, return value will be the nil UUID (Uuid::nil).


use sentry::protocol::{Event, Level};
use sentry::types::Uuid;

let uuid = Uuid::new_v4();
let event = Event {
    event_id: uuid,
    message: Some("Hello World!".into()),
    level: Level::Info,

assert_eq!(sentry::capture_event(event.clone()), Uuid::nil());

let events = sentry::test::with_captured_events(|| {
    assert_eq!(sentry::capture_event(event), uuid);
assert_eq!(events.len(), 1);