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This crate binds the sentencepiece library. sentencepiece is an unsupervised text tokenizer.

The main data structure of this crate is SentencePieceProcessor, which is used to tokenize sentences:

use sentencepiece::SentencePieceProcessor;

let spp = SentencePieceProcessor::open("testdata/toy.model").unwrap();
let pieces = spp.encode("I saw a girl with a telescope.").unwrap()
  .into_iter().map(|p| p.piece).collect::<Vec<_>>();
assert_eq!(pieces, vec!["▁I", "▁saw", "▁a", "▁girl", "▁with",
  "▁a", "▁t", "el", "es", "c", "o", "pe", "."]);


Sentence piece with its identifier and string span.

Sentence piece tokenizer.


Errors that returned by the sentencepiece library.