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MIT licensed

senile is a program for detecting parameterized literals in files. It is not incredibly fast because it has not been optimized for speed but for features (at least in the state it is in right now). Nevertheless, it has quite good performance when going through hundreds or thousands of files due to it’s parallelized file crawling / parallel parsing capability.

The OG use case was simply for myself as I like to write TODO statements right into the source code or other resources. This can lead to me forgetting that I put them there and they vanish into the infinite hunting grounds. I COULD have used ripgrep for such thing but I like to parameterize the todos a bit more (incl. assignee, priority and such) and I really wanted a nice-to-parse output format like JSON which is used right now as format for the STDOUT output.

For more information on pretty much everything, consider checking the wiki for it



Responsible for parsing the arguments to commands.


Declaration of all possible commands.


Responsible for crawling through a file/directory (tree).


Error declarations.


Responsible for parsing files (lines).


Declaration of basic types like the ToDo item itself.