[][src]Trait sendmmsg::Sendmmsg

pub trait Sendmmsg {
    fn sendmmsg(&self, packets: &mut [(usize, IoVec)]) -> Result<usize>;

A trait which is implemented for UdpSocket and TcpStream, thereby allowing them to send multiple messages using one system call.

Required methods

fn sendmmsg(&self, packets: &mut [(usize, IoVec)]) -> Result<usize>

Sends all the specified messages of packets using one system call, and assigns the total bytes sent for each packet into the first slice elements. If you want, you can send remaining bytes later.


The provided socket must be connected to the remote address before calling this function, otherwise, io::ErrorKind::NotConnected error might be returned.

Other kinds of errors can also be returned, see the errors descriptions of io::ErrorKind enumeration.

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Implementations on Foreign Types

impl Sendmmsg for TcpStream[src]

impl Sendmmsg for UdpSocket[src]

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