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A 2D environment simulator, that let's you define the behavior and the shape of your entities, while taking care of dispatching events generation after generation.


semeion is a library that was born out of the curiosity to see how to abstract those few concepts that are, most of the times, shared between very simple 2D games mostly focused on simulations, such as cellular automata or zero-player games.

When writing such games, it's usually standard practice to rely on already existing game engines, which do a great job in abstracting the complexity of the event loop, graphic rendering system, or assets management. They all come in different flavors, but they mostly share the same concepts when it comes to event handling: the update callback allows you to define where the logic of your game will take place, and the draw callback allows you to define where to render your entities; finally the third main component takes care of the player's inputs.

But besides the events handling, the graphics rendering system, or the assets management, writing small games, especially when focusing on simulations and similar, most often involves another type of abstraction: the entities management system and related components.

This is where semeion takes place: it's a basic framework that acts orthogonally and independently from your game engine, and allows you to focus on the behavior of your entities, while it takes care of managing them and dispatching their events.

With semeion, you can implement the generic Entity trait and define the behavior of your entities for each kind, and how they will interact with each other according to their scope of influence, location in the Environment, and lifetime.


pub use entity::*;
pub use env::*;
pub use error::*;
pub use math::*;
pub use space::*;