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Derive For the traits See and an extension trait Load see-through

See Derive

A inner crate that provides #[derive(...)] for See & Look trait in the repository.


The macros provided are

  • #[derive(See)]
  • #[derive(Look)] this will automatically derive See as it’s an internal dependency
  • auto_load!() this macro loads all the unit structs which allow both See and Look to access fields inside generics. This macro should be called in the root of the repository and after all the See and Look derivation are done.


For more details on how to use this, please visit see-through


Derive Macros

  • The derive macro includes the visitors in your codebase. Which are created during the use of #[derive(See)]
  • Derives the trait Look as well as See, Look trait has autoimplemenation
  • Derives the trait See, providing auto implementation for See, while also combining the loading visitors into a single place.