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secure and safe password container.

  • typed system
  • memory safety
  • unicode safety
    (no-std support)


use secwords::Password;
use sha2::Sha256; // can be any hasher from dyn Digest `digest` crate

let plain = String::from("pa5$wOrs"); // <- example

let pass1 = Password::<Sha256, 6>::new(plain).unwrap(); // min length = 6
let pass2: Password<Sha256, 6> = "pa5$wOrs".parse().unwrap();

assert_eq!(pass1, pass2); // they are hashed, original is gone(safely)
assert_eq!(pass1.len(), 32); // fixed size `vep`(crate)
assert_eq!(pass1.as_ref(), pass2.as_slice());
assert_eq!(pass1.to_vec(), pass2.to_vec());

assert_eq!(pass1, "pa5$wOrs");
assert_eq!(pass1, String::from("pa5$wOrs"));
assert_eq!(&pass1.to_hex().unwrap()[..20], "0f521249b366dd6e0acc");
assert_eq!(format!("{}", pass1), "***SECURE***"); // display
assert_eq!(format!("{:?}", pass1), "***SECURE***"); // debug

let bytes = pass1.to_bytes(); // encode
let pass3 = Password::<Sha256, 6>::from_bytes(bytes).unwrap(); // decode
assert_eq!(pass1, pass3);

let hex_string = pass1.to_hex().unwrap(); // encode
let pass3 = Password::<Sha256, 6>::from_hex(hex_string).unwrap(); // decode
assert_eq!(pass1, pass3);

there are more examples in the