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Object-oriented path struct that represents and operates on paths relative to the directory it was constructed for.


A command result is the outputs of a command (streams and status code) within a struct which has convenience assertion functions about those outputs


An environment for running a single uutils test case, serves three functions: 1. centralizes logic for locating the uutils binary and calling the utility 2. provides a temporary directory for the test case 3. copies over fixtures for the utility to the temporary directory


A UCommand is a wrapper around an individual Command that provides several additional features 1. it has convenience functions that are more ergonomic to use for piping in stdin, spawning the command and asserting on the results. 2. it tracks arguments provided so that in test cases which may provide variations of an arg in loops the test failure can display the exact call which preceded an assertion failure. 3. it provides convenience construction arguments to set the Command working directory and/or clear its environment.