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sea-streamer-kafka: Kafka / Redpanda Backend

This is the Kafka / Redpanda backend implementation for SeaStreamer. This crate provides a comprehensive type system that makes working with Kafka easier and safer.

First of all, all API (many are sync) are properly wrapped as async. Methods are also marked &mut to eliminate possible race conditions.

KafkaConsumerOptions has typed parameters.

KafkaConsumer allows you to seek to point in time, rewind to particular offset, and commit message read.

KafkaProducer allows you to await a send Receipt or discard it if you are uninterested. You can also flush the Producer.

KafkaStreamer allows you to flush all producers on disconnect.

See tests for an illustration of the stream semantics.

This crate depends on rdkafka, which in turn depends on librdkafka-sys, which itself is a wrapper of librdkafka.

Configuration Reference: https://kafka.apache.org/documentation/#configuration


  • Re-export types from rdkafka





  • Get the host id. Inside Docker, it’s the container ID. Otherwise it’s the MAC address. You can override it via the HOST_ID env var.

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