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An implementation of B trees. The core operations on B trees (lookup, iterate, put and del) are generic in the actual implementation of nodes, via the BTreePage and BTreeMutPage. This allows for a simpler code for the high-level functions, as well as specialised, high-performance implementations for the nodes.


A macro to implement Storable on “plain” types, i.e. fixed-sized types that are repr(C) and don’t hold references to out-of-tree pages.


Empty type implementing BTreePage and BTreeMutPage.


Errors that can occur while transacting.


Transactions that can be committed. This trait is an abstraction over mutable transactions and their subtransactions.

Types that can be stored on disk. This trait may be used in conjunction with Sized in order to determine the on-disk size, or with UnsizedStorable when special arrangements are needed.

Types that can be stored on disk.

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