Function scope_guard::async_scope

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pub async fn async_scope<R, F: Future<Output = R> + UnwindSafe, DTORARGS, DTOR: Future<Output = ()>, DTORFN: FnOnce(DTORARGS) -> DTOR>(
    dtor: DTORFN,
    args: DTORARGS,
    fut: F
) -> R
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Executes future, making sure to perform cleanup regardless of whether fut is successful or panics.


  • dtor - Generic callback that accepts args as its only incoming parameter;
  • args - Generic arguments that are passed as it is to the dtor;
  • fut - Future to execute before calling dtor. Regardless of success, dtor is always executed.

Returns Output of fut or panics on error in executing fut. Regardless of fut execution status, dtor is always called.


use scope_guard::async_scope;

async fn dtor(_args: ()) {

async fn example() {
    let fut = async {

    async_scope(dtor, (), fut).await;