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Scones is a library for generating constructors and builders without the verbosity it usually requires. See the documentation for #[make_constructor] to see how to use this system. The syntax and usage of #[make_builder] is similar to #[make_constructor] apart from a few minor differences. A short example of how this crate works is as follows:

use scones::make_constructor;

#[make_constructor(pub inverse)]
#[make_constructor(pub identity)]
struct MyData {
    #[value(1 for identity)]
    val1: i32,
    #[value(-val1 for inverse)]
    #[value(1 for identity)]
    val2: i32,
    always_true: bool

let instance = MyData::new(10, 23);
let inverse = MyData::inverse(5);
let identity = MyData::identity();

Documented examples can be found at https://docs.rs/scones_examples



Indicates that a particular required value has not been provided yet in a builder.


Indicates that a particular required value has been provided in a builder.

Attribute Macros


Proc macro to generate builders for structs.


Proc macro to generate constructors for structs.