[][src]Struct sc_peerset::PeersetHandle

pub struct PeersetHandle { /* fields omitted */ }

Shared handle to the peer set manager (PSM). Distributed around the code.


impl PeersetHandle[src]

pub fn add_reserved_peer(&self, peer_id: PeerId)[src]

Adds a new reserved peer. The peerset will make an effort to always remain connected to this peer.

Has no effect if the node was already a reserved peer.

Note: Keep in mind that the networking has to know an address for this node, otherwise it will not be able to connect to it.

pub fn remove_reserved_peer(&self, peer_id: PeerId)[src]

Remove a previously-added reserved peer.

Has no effect if the node was not a reserved peer.

pub fn set_reserved_only(&self, reserved: bool)[src]

Sets whether or not the peerset only has connections .

pub fn report_peer(&self, peer_id: PeerId, score_diff: ReputationChange)[src]

Reports an adjustment to the reputation of the given peer.

pub fn set_priority_group(&self, group_id: String, peers: HashSet<PeerId>)[src]

Modify a priority group.

pub fn add_to_priority_group(&self, group_id: String, peer_id: PeerId)[src]

Add a peer to a priority group.

pub fn remove_from_priority_group(&self, group_id: String, peer_id: PeerId)[src]

Remove a peer from a priority group.

Trait Implementations

impl Clone for PeersetHandle[src]

impl Debug for PeersetHandle[src]

Auto Trait Implementations

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