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A set of grids for storing and accessing data in a grid-like way.


pub use grid::Grid;
pub use pivot::Pivot;
pub use pivot::PivotedPoint;
pub use point::GridPoint;
pub use point::Size2d;
pub use sparse_grid::SparseGrid;
pub use world_grid::WorldGrid;


A grid that stores it’s internal data in a Vec. The size of the grid is constant and elements cannot be removed, only changed. Provides very fast iteration and access speed.

Traits for more easily dealing with the various types to represent 2d points/sizes

A grid that stores it’s internal data in a BTreeMap. Elements don’t take up any memory until they’re inserted, and can be removed as needed, but iteration and access speed will be slower than a crate::grid::Grid for large full grids.

A utility for translating between grid points and world space.