Builds MailService from components with a builder pattern.

Represents the on-going builder configuration

Service builder configuration passed to MailSetup

Produce info logs on important e-mail and SMTP events.

MailSetup that uses the given service name for a session. It can also attach the instance ID and session ID for better diagnostics.

Accept all calls, but do nothing. Combine this with the SessionLogger for a light-weight debugging server.

Service implements all the mandatory mail services

Produce info logs on important e-mail and SMTP events.

Mail envelope before sending mail data



A mail dispatch allows us to dispatch an e-mail. For a given mail transacton it puts a Write sink for receiving mail data into the Transaction. Once the sink is closed successfully, the mail is dispatched.

A mail guard opens the mail transaction after a MAIL command - start_mail. It will then be queried whether each individual recepient (RCPT command) is accepted on which address. It can also modify the recipient address with an optional notification back to the client.

A short hand for all the mandatory mail services

Can set up the given mail services.

Type Definitions