[][src]Struct salva3d::TimestepManager

pub struct TimestepManager { /* fields omitted */ }

Structure responsible for regulating the timestep length of the simulation.


impl TimestepManager[src]

pub fn new(particle_radius: Real) -> Self[src]

Initialize a new timestep manager with default parameters.

pub fn reset(&mut self, total_step_size: Real)[src]

Resets the remaining time of the timestep manager.

pub fn is_done(&self) -> bool[src]

Checks if all the time of this timestep has been consumed.

pub fn dt(&self) -> Real[src]

The current substep length.

pub fn inv_dt(&self) -> Real[src]

The inverse of the current substep length.

If the substep length is zero, this inverse is also zero.

pub fn advance(&mut self, fluids: &[Fluid])[src]

Advance to the next substep.

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