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Sailfish is a simple, small, and extremely fast template engine for Rust. Before reading this reference, I recommend reading User guide.

This crate contains utilities for rendering sailfish template. If you want to use sailfish templates, import sailfish-macros crate and use derive macro #[derive(TemplateOnce)] or #[derive(Template)].

In most cases you don’t need to care about the runtime module in this crate, but if you want to render custom data inside templates, you must implement runtime::Render trait for that type.

use sailfish::TemplateOnce;

#[template(path = "hello.stpl")]
struct HelloTemplate {
    messages: Vec<String>

fn main() {
    let ctx = HelloTemplate {
        messages: vec!["foo".to_string(), "bar".to_string()]

    println!("{}", ctx.render_once().unwrap());


Sailfish runtime


The error type which is returned from template function


Work in Progress

Template that can be rendered with consuming itself.

Type Definitions

Result type returned from TemplateOnce::render_once method

Derive Macros