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Restricted XML parsing and encoding

This crate provides “restricted” parsing and encoding of XML 1.0 documents with namespacing.

Features (some call them restrictions)

  • No external resources
  • No custom entities
  • No DTD whatsoever
  • No processing instructions
  • No comments
  • UTF-8 only
  • Namespacing-well-formedness enforced
  • XML 1.0 only
  • Streamed parsing (parser emits a subset of SAX events)
  • Streamed encoding
  • Parser can be driven push- and pull-based
  • Tokio-based asynchronicity supported via the async feature and AsyncParser.


use rxml::EventRead;
let doc = b"<?xml version='1.0'?><hello>World!</hello>";
let mut fp = rxml::FeedParser::default();
let result = rxml::as_eof_flag(fp.parse_all(&mut &doc[..], true, |ev| {
	println!("got event: {:?}", ev);
// true indicates eof
assert_eq!(result.unwrap(), true);

High-level parser usage

Push-based usage

The FeedParser allows to push bits of XML into the parser as they arrive in the application and process the resulting ResolvedEvents as they happen.

Pull-based usage

If the parser should block while waiting for more data to arrive, a PullParser can be used instead. The PullParser requires a source which implements io::BufRead.

Usage with Tokio

Tokio is supported with the async feature. It offers the AsyncParser and the AsyncEventRead trait, which work similar to the PullParser. Instead of blocking, however, the async parser will yield control to other tasks.


pub use strings::CData;
pub use strings::CDataStr;
pub use strings::Name;
pub use strings::NameStr;
pub use strings::NcName;
pub use strings::NcNameStr;
pub use bytes;


Error types

XML 1.0 Lexer

Restricted XML 1.0 parsing facilities

Strongly-typed strings for use with XML 1.0 documents

Writer for restricted XML 1.0


Compile-time conversion of a string literal to CDataStr

Compile-time conversion of a string literal to NameStr

Compile-time conversion of a string literal to NcNameStr


Asynchronous driver for parsers


Zero-copy buffered reader for a queue of byte slices.

Shared context for multiple parsers

Encodes XML into buffers.

Restricted XML 1.0 lexer

Wrapper around Lexer and std::io::BufRead to provide a TokenRead.

Hold options to configure a Lexer.

Namespace/Attribute resolver

Low-level restricted XML 1.0 parser

Blocking driver for parsers

Non-blocking driver for parsers

Low-level, logical restricted XML 1.0 parser


Error types which may be returned from the parser or lexer.

An encodable item.

Logical XML document parts

High-level, logical XML document parts

XML version number


Package version

XML core namespace URI (for the xml: prefix)

XML namespace URI (for the xmlns: prefix)


Asynchronous source of individual XML events

Helper trait for asynchronous sources of individual XML events

Source for individual XML events

Trait for parser-like structs.

Trait for things which can be constructed with a context::Context.


Convert end-of-file-ness of a result to a boolean flag.

Type Definitions

Tokio-compatible asynchronous parser


Compatibility alias, use ResolvedEvent directly instead.

Non-blocking parsing

Blocking parsing


Compatibility alias, use ResolvedQName directly instead.

Pair of an optional namespace prefix and a localpart, commonly used in element and attribute names.

Pair of an optional namespace name (URI) and a localpart, commonly used in element and attribute names.


Compatibility alias, use XmlVersion directly instead.