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We need to expose the Wren API in a Rust-y way


pub use wren_sys;


Creates a Wren module

Checks if the slot type is correct at the given slot. If not, will panic. If it is, will return the item at the given slot.

Sends a foreign object $obj as an object of $class in module $modl to slot $slot


List of MethodPointers that make up the methods of a [’RuntimeClass`]

Indicates a “foreign object” to Wren

A handle to a Wren method call

A handle to a Wren object

A container for [RuntimeClass]es

Simulates a module structure for foreign functions

A mostly internal class that is exposed so that some externally generated code can access it.


Errors that can happen when sending a foreign object to Wren

Possible errors for a Wren script

Directly used by wren_error to report errors


Initialize function for Wren classes

Indicates a “real” Wren class, and must be implemented to be added to a Module

Enables one to enable module loading for Wren

Sends strings for printing to an output


Type Definitions