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Implements copy from one directory to an other

To use rusync as a library, start with the Syncer struct.

To customize its output, implement the ProgressInfo trait.


let console_info = rusync::ConsoleProgressInfo::new();
// or any struct that implements the ProgressInfo trait

let options = rusync::SyncOptions::default();

let source = std::path::Path::new("src");
let destination = std::path::Path::new("dest");
let syncer = rusync::Syncer::new(&source, &destination, options, Box::new(console_info));
let stats = syncer.sync();
match stats {
    Err(err) => {
        eprintln!("Error when syncing: {}", err);
    Ok(stats) => {
        println!("Transfered {} files", stats.copied);


pub use crate::console_info::ConsoleProgressInfo;
pub use crate::sync::Stats;
pub use crate::sync::SyncOptions;
pub use crate::sync::Syncer;