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This is a small library written in rust and inspired by hyperdav and uses reqwest library as the base.

This library can be used to make calls to webdav server

Supported methods are:

  • get
  • put
  • delete
  • unzip
  • mkcol
  • mv
  • list include rustydav as a dependency
rustydav = "0.1.2"

Then add rustydav to your code

extern crate rustydav;

use rustydav::client;
use rustydav::prelude::*;

Create a client

This example is not tested
let webdav_client = client::Client::init("username", "password");

Now you can use the client to call any of supported methods: get, put, delete, unzip, mkcol, mv, list. All the paths used by the methods should be absolute on the webdav server to the required file, folder, zip.

Every method will return a Result<Response, Error>

if result.is_ok() {
   // the method completed with success
} else {
   // somenting when wrong



Webdav client