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Off-axis magnetic fields for systems with cyclindrical symmetry.

This crate impliments a fast approximate method for finding off axis magnetic fields of systems with cylindrical symmetry. Using a power series decomposition of the on-axis magentic field the full magentic field for “basic” primitive shapes can be determined. These can then be combined within an object with a given orientation and location in order to build up a larger system.

The method used in this crate comes directly from “Off-Axis Expansion Solution of Laplace’s Equation: Application to Accurate and Rapid Calculation of Coil Magentic Fields” by Robert H. Jackson. The author sums up the utility of this method with the sentance “The simplicity, compactness and speed of this method make it a good adjunct to other techniques and ideal as a module for incorporation into more general programs”. Near the axis of symmetry the method can give very accurate fields at a much faster speed than other methods (Author of paper determines that out to about 70% the error is less than 0.1% of the exact elliptical integral solution for an ideal current loop.


Structure which defines a system of primitives with a shared symmetry axis.


Errors produced by interacting with AxialSystem