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Rusty Xkcd

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Rusty Xkcd is an API wrapper for the Xkcd API. It aims to give full access to the Xkcd API with maximum performance, control, and reliability.

Xkcd Comics

Using rusty_xkcd to interact with the xkcd api is easy!

To start, add this line to your Cargo.toml

rusty_xkcd = "0.1.2"

Then import the crate to wherever you want to use it

extern crate rusty_xkcd;
use rusty_xkcd::Comic;

Now you're ready to start using the Comic API!
To get the latest xkcd comic, use get_latest_comic()

let comic = Comic::get_latest_comic().unwrap();

To get a comic by number, use get_comic()

let comic = Comic::get_comic(100).unwrap();

And finally, to get a random xkcd comic, use get_random_comic()

let comic = Comic::get_random_comic().unwrap();

Coming Soon

Explain Xkcd
What If



The struct containing all xkcd-comic related data and methods



The module containing all errors for rusty_xkcd