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Rusty GL

rusty_gl is a wrapper over the C-binding for OpenGL for Rust, gl-rs The aim of this crate is:

  1. Make OpenGL in Rust easier to use

    This has been done by hiding weird (and unsafe!) casts from Rust code to the C interface, as well as using rust types over std::os::raw and std::ffi types. For example, some functions take in &str rather than std::ffi::CString.

  2. Make OpenGL in Rust safer to use

    One way I have done this is by enforcing correct enum types when passing to functions. The C-Interface allowed for any GLenum to pass into a function where it was needed, but it is very easy to pass the wrong one, causing GL_INVALID_ENUM errors. Instead, I have made specific enum types, and then enforce those types when calling rusty-gl functions

  3. Make OpenGL in Rust fit along nicely with other Rust code

    The C interface had camelCase interface, as well as requiring unsafe blocks everywhere. Rusty GL functions use the more Rust accepted snake_case for functions and PascalCase for types. Also, none of the functions require unsafe {} blocks to be used.


pub use buffers::*;
pub use drawing::*;
pub use enums::*;
pub use shaders::*;
pub use textures::*;