[][src]Trait rusttype::IntoGlyphId

pub trait IntoGlyphId {
    fn into_glyph_id(self, font: &Font) -> GlyphId;

A trait for types that can be converted into a GlyphId, in the context of a specific font.

Many rusttype functions that operate on characters accept values of any type that implements IntoGlyphId. Such types include char, Codepoint, and obviously GlyphId itself.

Required methods

fn into_glyph_id(self, font: &Font) -> GlyphId

Convert self into a GlyphId, consulting the index map of font if necessary.

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Implementations on Foreign Types

impl IntoGlyphId for char[src]

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impl<G: Into<GlyphId>> IntoGlyphId for G[src]

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