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A fast sudoku framework for finding solutions by brute force and human solving techniques. Testing has not been performed for puzzles larger than normal 9x9 puzzles.


pub use human_calcs::technique::Technique;


Use the basic mod for normal 9x9 puzzles
Custom errors
use this module for 36x36 or 49x49 puzzles
Use this module for 16x16 or 25x25 puzzles
Use this module for 64x64, 81x81, or 100x100 puzzles


A struct to act as an interface for the public api and this library. Important trait impletmentation is From<usize> and From<(usize, usize)>. This allows converting an Index to and from a 1-D representation or a Row / Col tuple representation.
Struct to document change in the puzzle


Trait to convert the initial input values into the puzzle. This can be used to configure strings, vectors, and other sources to be the input to the puzzle.
A trait that produces a string representation of the sudoku puzzle.

Type Definitions