Crate rustica_keys[][src]

The rustica-keys crate provides types and methods for parsing OpenSSH public keys, and parsing then verifying SSH certificates.

The following public key types are supported.

  • RSA
  • ED25519

The following OpenSSH certificate types are supported as well.

  • (Not yet)

The crate also provides functionality for provision key slots on Yubikeys to handle signing operations. This is provided in the optional yubikey submodule



Functions or structs for dealing with SSH Certificates. Parsing, and creating certs happens here. This module is a heavily modified version of the sshkeys crate that adds certificate verification, and many other things to support that. The original licence for the code is in the source code provided


Utility functions for dealing with SSH certificates, signatures or conversions



A type which represents an OpenSSH certificate key. Please refer to [PROTOCOL.certkeys] for more details about OpenSSH certificates. [PROTOCOL.certkeys]:


A type which represents an OpenSSH public key.