[][src]Trait rustc_errors::emitter::Emitter

pub trait Emitter {
    fn emit_diagnostic(&mut self, db: &DiagnosticBuilder);

    fn emit_artifact_notification(&mut self, _path: &Path, _artifact_type: &str) { ... }
fn should_show_explain(&self) -> bool { ... } }

Emitter trait for emitting errors.

Required methods

fn emit_diagnostic(&mut self, db: &DiagnosticBuilder)

Emit a structured diagnostic.

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Provided methods

fn emit_artifact_notification(&mut self, _path: &Path, _artifact_type: &str)

Emit a notification that an artifact has been output. This is currently only supported for the JSON format, other formats can, and will, simply ignore it.

fn should_show_explain(&self) -> bool

Checks if should show explanations about "rustc --explain"

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impl Emitter for AnnotateSnippetEmitterWriter[src]

fn emit_diagnostic(&mut self, db: &DiagnosticBuilder)[src]

The entry point for the diagnostics generation

impl Emitter for EmitterWriter[src]

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